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Virtual Skincare Consultations

How many times have you ordered a skincare or haircare product online, had it arrive, only to use it and be absolutely less than thrilled? 

In the age of Social Media we see and hear about all the products that others are using and love, but does that mean it is the right product for us? The reason people usually LOVE a product is because it is the right product for our skin at the right time... and THAT is where Virtual Skincare Consultations come into play. 

A Virtual Skincare Consultation is the perfect time for you to get one on one help from a Licensed Aesthetician, who will help you find the right products for your skin type, the condition that it is in and that fits in to your lifestyle and budget.  And the best part about it? You get the cost of the Consultation to in credit to use towards your purchase of the RIGHT product after your Virtual Consultation. Book your consultation now and let us help you have healthy, glowing skin!
Lake Wylie Spa
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Lake Wylie Spa
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