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Toner.... I love it when this topic comes up because there are so many myths about it...

"I need a toner to remove impurities/residue left by my cleanser":   No.
Only if you are using low grade products. A good cleanser leaves nothing behind.

"But I have to restore my ph balance after cleansing my face!":   No
Your skin does that naturally within minutes.

"But my toner shrinks my pores":  No
Pores are not doors, they do not open and close. There is no "shrinking" only reducing the appearance of them and revitalizing the texture of your skin.

"I'm oily and I feel like it helps":  Mmmmmmm....
You may be on to something here... read on!

Different toners have different jobs, and that is why some skin care lines prefer to call them "lotions" instead of "toners".  Some toners provide an additional means of hydration through Hyaluronic Acid and other humectants. Others combine various ingredients to help tighten and brighten for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation/"prejuvenation", while others provide oil-balancing and antibacterial properties to "help that oily skin"! 

If you aren't certain what Toner/Lotion is right for YOU skin and the outcome you are looking for, please don't hesitate to set up a Skin Care Consultation with our Licensed Esthetician at Info@LakeWylieSpa.com