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Serums... So many to choose from that it can be overwhelming on what you need, where to start, how to apply, how often - the questions seem endless! 

So what is a serum, and what makes it different than a moisturizer? Why would you want to add yet another step to your daily routine? Think of your skin care routine as a three course meal: You cleanse (Appetizer), You fill up on nutrients with your serum/s (Main Course), You nourish & soothe with the perfect hydrator/moisturizer (Dessert). 

Serums come in liquids, gels, creams and are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients formulated with smaller molecules to easily absorb into your skin. There are many different types of serums that do jobs from oil balancing, to redness and inflammation reducing tightening and brightening.

If you are unsure of what serums may be right for you, then feel free to schedule a consultation with our Licensed Esthetician at Info@LakeWylieSpa.com