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Minus 10 ProYouth

Reverse and slow the signs of aging with Rhonda Allison's intelligent, result-focused formulations that transform skin. 

Rhonda Allison's ProYouth - Minus 10 Collection is a rejuvenating group of stimulating topical skin care products, made to assist with restorative aspects, for aging skin types. This effective collection of skincare products encourages a natural and holistic approach to turnover rate, resulting in a more youthful looking complexion. The ProYouth Minus 10 collection is a series of serums, creams and moisturizers that help rejuvenate, while smoothing fine lines. Skin is left feeling more revitalized and replenished. This collection promotes the surface to be more optimized and youthful looking. A boost of antioxidants work to protect against environmental aggressors that can accelerate aging.

ProYouth has a lot of complexity, giving you lasting, youthful results. In every regimen  this key philosophy is used:

+Stimulate Energy and Civil Communication

+Increase Cellular Turnover
+Replenish Collagen, Elastin, Antioxidants and Lipids
+Repair Glycation, Cellular Dysfunction and DNA Breakdown

And keeping in line with Rhonda Allison's overall philosophy, ProYouth products also have a clean ingredient deck and are proudly free from:

+Dyes and Colorants
+Synthetic Frangrances
+Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
+Animal Testing

If you aren't sure which ProYouth Products are right for your anti-aging routine, book a consultation and we will work with you to figure out the right products for your skin and your lifestyle!